Purity Dairy Milk Bottle Tops

There are at least 15 different Alberta and Saskatchewan “Purity” milk bottle tops that I have seen over the last couple of years. Quite a few of them do not have location information on them, so it is not immediately obvious which dairy used them. Never one to duck a challenging research topic, I have […]

Evolution of Dairy Industry in Calgary

In 1910 Peter Pallesen was employed as Manager of the Provincial Government Cold Storage and Creamery. His residence and the government plant were both located at Brewery Flats (East Calgary). The Carlyle Dairy was in operation at this time. The 1911 Calgary Henderson’s Directory lists the Cold Storage & Creamery plant but shows no manager […]

Edmonton Dairies

As a boy living in the Norwood District of Edmonton, I used to “help” our Woodlands Dairy milkman. At the end of his route, I would tag along to help unload the wagon and stable the horse and help the milkman cash in. An important element of cashing in was placing the paper milk tickets […]