Memo to website readers, milk bottle collectors and history enthusiasts.

My Alberta dairy collection evolved over more than 20 years. As the collection of artifacts expanded, so did my knowledge of the many dairies & creameries involved.
My books about the dairy industry & milk bottles & other artifacts, also evolved.
As of early 2016, as we are updating the website, readers & collectors should note that for full access to what I have published relating to Alberta milk bottles & dairy collectables, they should seek out the following:

• Milk Bottles of Alberta - (red cover)
• Milk Bottles of Alberta – Vol. 2, 2nd Edition (gold cover)
• Supplement dated March, 2016 to the above 2 books

All of the information in earlier book editions & in supplements dated earlier are included in the latest dated publications.

Best wishes to all

Bob Snyder
April 4, 2016

Milk Bottles of Saskatchewan

A guide for milk bottle collectors, the book includes detailed tables of information about the glass milk bottles used in Saskatchewan by 65 dairies and creameries. A short history is provided for each dairy and creamery. Also includes a photo gallery of other dairy collectables.

Published October, 2010
Supplemented - January, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9731348-7-2


Milk Delivery in the Battlefords

This concise book contains information about the three dozen large and small dairies that delivered milk in Battleford and North Battleford, Saskatchewan, from 1906 to modern times. For its size, the Battleford area was very active with dairy and creamery operations.

Published February, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9731348-6-5

The Dairies of Red Deer

A very detailed history of the large and small dairies that operated in Red Deer, Alberta is set out in this 80 page book. Information on the diary operations and their locations, along with pictures of some buildings and artifacts are included.

Published February, 2007
ISBN 0-9731348-4-4

Dairies of Edmonton (1905-1955)

This 127 page book provides a listing of the 172 dairies that operated in Edmonton from 1905 to 1955, with photos and individual histories, including descriptions and photos of available artifacts.

Second edition - March, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9940533-1-2

Manufacturers of milk bottles for Western Canada

For those collectors who want a little more detail as to what companies made the bottles and what trademarks they used.

March, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9940533-2-9

Milk Bottles of Alberta Volume 2

A new collector’s guide to Alberta milk bottles, this book adds extensively to bottle descriptions and dairy and creamery histories that were in the original book. Also included are expanded dairy and creamery histories.

Second edition - June, 2013
Supplemented - March, 2016
ISBN 978-0-9731348-9-6

Dairies that Delivered Milk in the Drumheller Area

The contents of this 147 page book provide a history of the 25 dairies that operated in Drumheller town and coal mining area from 1913-1959. The histories are supported by numerous local history book references, news clippings, corporate records, and pictures of artifacts.

Published October, 2007
ISBN 978-0-9731348-5-8

Milk Bottles of Alberta

A 112 page book providing detailed listings, photos, and sketches of the bottles used by the 80 dairies in Alberta that used bottles with their names on them. Also includes short histories of the dairies and creameries that used the bottles. This book is an excellent milk bottle collector’s reference guide.

Published April, 2006
Supplemented - March, 2016
ISBN 0-9731348-3-6

The Milk Bottles of Edmonton City Dairy, Second Edition

This 80 page book provides information about Edmonton City Dairy (ECD), Edmonton’s largest dairy. Included are details and photos of the bottles used by the dairy and a myriad of promotional items, boxes and cartons and other business items used by ECD.

Third edition - March, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9940533-0-5