Purity Dairy Milk Bottle Tops

There are at least 15 different Alberta and Saskatchewan “Purity” milk bottle tops that I have seen over the last couple of years. Quite a few of them do not have location information on them, so it is not immediately obvious which dairy used them. Never one to duck a challenging research topic, I have […]

Evolution of Dairy Industry in Calgary

In 1910 Peter Pallesen was employed as Manager of the Provincial Government Cold Storage and Creamery. His residence and the government plant were both located at Brewery Flats (East Calgary). The Carlyle Dairy was in operation at this time. The 1911 Calgary Henderson’s Directory lists the Cold Storage & Creamery plant but shows no manager […]

Nameless Bottles: Milk Bottles with Generic Slogans

There is another group of milk bottles that, as Rodney Dangerfield would say, “don’t get much respect.” These are the milk bottles, with no dairy name on them, but with generic slogans like “LOANED – RETURN WHEN EMPTY.” Such bottles would have been cheaper for dairies to buy than the named bottles mostly desired by […]

Other Reasons Milk Bottles are Neat to Collect

People collect many things because they are attracted to them for a variety of reasons: colour, shape and size or elements of the design on them. Milk bottles fall in to several categories in these areas. Clear glass milk bottles were made with many colours of labels. A half dozen or more Alberta dairies used […]

The Most Sought After Alberta Milk Bottles

Collectors have a variety of criteria they use to build their milk bottle collections. Perhaps they choose to build a “complete” collection, seeking all of the bottles that had dairy names on them. Or perhaps they prefer only coloured label bottles, or only quart size bottles or only one-half pint bottles to save space. I […]